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Over Riders 100000+

Commute. Explore. Or simply do more. The e-bike that started it all, can do it all. Now in its sixth generation, our ARIES model combines durability and agility into one irresistible ride. Get on board and discover why this is the most imitated e-bike in the industry. The ARIES electric bike is specially designed to fit your lifestyle and riding needs. Choose from our award-winning, affordable ebikes for City, Commuter, Cargo, and Utility purposes. These ebikes are built to handle your everyday journeys with tailor-made comfort, catering to every rider. Over 100K Riders - Over 100000 riders are transforming their daily routines, effortlessly cruising with their own Aries.

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Strong and high torque motor

500W Brushless Motor, top speed of 32km/h, Shimano 7S professional shifting

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Reach New Distance

Ultra long range battery with BMS system,90 KM Max Range 48V 11.6AH Removable Battery 6 H Fully Charged

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Controllable shock absorption

The shock absorption function can be turned on and off through the blue controller

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Over Riders 100000+
Strong and high torque motor
Reach New Distance
Controllable shock absorption


Top Reviews

Fun! Quality! Perfect Scooter Microgo M5 Pro.
Fun! Quality! Perfect Scooter Microgo M5 Pro.
Excellent Customer Service Support
I have to say that the customer support at cinverter.com has exceeded my expectations. They are always prompt in replying to my questions and even sent me a new handlebar last Tuesday. I originally purchased the ARIES electric bike for cruising around while studying at Stanford University, but I find myself using it more and more every day! Since I bought it, I have already ridden over 250 miles within a few weeks. Here are my thoughts on this fantastic E-BIKE: - Mileage: The range depends on the speed mode, but on average, I was able to travel around 85 kilometers before the battery dropped below 20%. - Safety: The bike is equipped with a hand-brake, a cool LED headlight, and a braking light to always remind passers-by and cars of my presence. - Build Quality: The bike feels very solid and sturdy. The only assembly required was attaching the front fork, which took me around 10 minutes. I have already recommended it to my classmates, and over 10 units have been ordered as a result.
Amber Martin
Easy use and portable I like it Microgo!
Easy use and portable I like it Microgo!
It's worthy to buy.
We purchased the Taurus electric bike during a promotional period and were impressed by the speedy FedEx shipping. I am thoroughly satisfied with its value and find it to be a convenient mode of transportation from my home to the nearby swimming pool or gym. So far, it has performed admirably, boasting a sturdy construction and a sense of quality. Despite its weight, it glides smoothly over bumpy roads thanks to its exceptional front shock device. Additionally, I appreciate the removable battery pack, which allows for easy charging on the go. This e-bike is a perfect fit for my needs and I couldn't be happier with its performance. It truly is an awesome C Inverter Taurus e-bike.
Ari Tung
Nice cycling by Taurus e-bike
I currently own three electric bicycles, but TAURUS ebike is my favorite one. Their customer service is on par with Walmart's level of service, and they are usually very enthusiastic in answering all your questions. The motor power of TAURUS E-BIKE is greater than that of regular bicycles, which allows me to easily traverse villages and hills on slopes of around 25 degrees. I ride almost every week, and I have also purchased an original spare battery to ensure that I always have a fully charged one available for power.
Malia Sellers
Good quality and cost-effective ebike
I purchased two Taurus e-bikes to keep on my boat for convenient trips around town. The top speed of 20 MPH is more than sufficient. The bikes handle hills impressively and without any issues. The battery life is long, although it does depend on your driving style. One of the best features is the range of approximately 20 miles. We bought these bikes from cinverter.com and on the first day, we drove around the entire island without even needing to charge them. By the end of our trip, the battery level was still at 80%. The 26" tires help absorb bumps, but the deck is slightly higher than others as a result. The reason I am fond of this TAURUS snow bike is because it feels solid, stable, safe, and sturdy when riding it. The craftsmanship is excellent, and it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. I have already recommended it to five friends in Vancouver, and every weekend, we enjoy riding our TAURUS electric bikes for off-road racing in the snow. I'm hoping for heavy snowfall this weekend so we can truly showcase this beast's capabilities.
David Bailey