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10 years of innovation sets us apart

Over 122883+ riders

are revolutionizing their routines. Cruising everywhere with their own C INVERTER

Over Riders 100000+

Commute. Explore. Or simply do more. The e-bike that started it all, can do it all. Now in its sixth generation, our ARIES model combines durability and agility into one irresistible ride. Get on board and discover why this is the most imitated e-bike in the industry.

The ARIES electric bike is specially designed to fit your lifestyle and riding needs. Choose from our award-winning, affordable ebikes for City, Commuter, Cargo, and Utility purposes. These ebikes are built to handle your everyday journeys with tailor-made comfort, catering to every rider.

Over 100K Riders - Over 100000 riders are transforming their daily routines, effortlessly cruising with their own Aries.

Strong and high torque motor

500W Brushless Motor, top speed of 32km/h, Shimano 7S professional shifting

Reach New Distance

Ultra long range battery with BMS system,90 KM Max Range 48V 11.6AH Removable Battery 6 H Fully Charged

The shock absorption function can be turned on and off through the blue controller