Our Vision

Experience unprecedented cycling freedom and
explore the world beyond

1,000 riders from all over the world have joined us

More than 10,000 riders have joined us

50,000 riders have joined us

We have more than 120,000 partners

In a world of constant movement, cinverter was born from the fusion of "C" - representing change and cycles - and "inverter" - the technological heart of transformation. The brand's core idea stemmed from the vision that cycling could transcend mere pedaling to become an electrifying experience, merging the freedom of the open road with the power of technology.

The story behind cinverter began with a spark - the idea that electric bikes could offer more than just transportation, but an entirely new way of experiencing journey and adventure. Designed for modern nomads, urban commuters, and trailblazers alike, cinverter's electric bikes aim to not just take riders places, but to add unique stories to every mile traveled.

Crafted with artisanal precision and insights from adventurers, every curve and contour of a cinverter bike is an ode to both form and efficiency. The seamless integration of their bikes into one's life embodied the brand's vision - a future where every turn of the wheels propels us towards a cleaner, smarter, and more connected landscape of travel through the power of electric energy and innovation.

Ultimately, cinverter's promise is to provide an unparalleled journey that redefines the landscape of mobility, harnessing electricity and innovation to forge a path into a future where travel is liberated, sustainable, and brimming with new experiences.