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U.S. university bring e-bikes and scooters to campus

U.S. university bring e-bikes and scooters to campus

Auburn University in the United States has reached a cooperation with the micro-mobility company Spin, and will release electric scooters and bicycles to the campus on January 16 to provide services for students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus. It is a short-distance travel method for students, which is more convenient for the movement of people living on campus.

Following the expansion of micro-mobility in daily life and commercial use, shared travel such as electric scooters and bicycles continues to enter more market segments, among which the use on university campuses is also a development area for shared ebikes. The cooperation between micro-travel companies and universities It will also further expand the scope of application of electric bicycles.

What is often complained about on campus is the distance between the dormitories and classrooms and cafeterias. Generally speaking, a large amount of light traffic is rarely allowed on university campuses. Most students can only walk to and from class, and most teachers It is necessary to walk from the office to the classroom, and the travel distance of this section is exactly the range covered by micro-travel. The reform from walking to mechanical transportation and then to electrified travel is also a miniature model of the development of the global market. New transportation methods also provide campus A more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Auburn University has signed a three-year deal with Spin to roll out the first 100 e-bikes and 100 e-scooters on January 16, operating daily from 5am to 12pm.

To use a vehicle, you need to download the official app and park at a designated location. Spin has set up areas such as "No Riding Zone" and "Slow Riding Zone" on the campus, which will be displayed on the APP.

The top speed of the Spin electric bike can reach 30 km/h, while the top speed of the Spin electric scooter will reach 25 km/h.

Access fees include an unlock fee and a ride fee, which is $1 to unlock an e-scooter or e-bike, plus 30 cents per minute for a ride. You can also choose the unlocked service for $5.99 per month, but you still need to ride for 30 cents per minute, and there is also a package service of $14.99 for one day rental.

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Spin is the first company in the United States to launch a non-site mobile plan, and since Spin was acquired by TIER Mobility in April this year, it has become the world's number one micromobility travel company. As a technology company in the personal travel industry, they call With the slogan of "creating a world full of 15-minute cities", Spin has not only cooperated with one campus, the company has also provided mobile services for teachers and teachers of more than 25 national first-tier universities, and the business also includes urban commuting travel and charging stations Waiting for service etc.

Arishna Lastinger, Associate Director of Micromobility Services at Auburn University, said, "Over the past few years, we have been looking for and developing the best micromobility plan for our campus. This project with Spin brings us one step closer to our goal. We will also ensure that this Security for new projects"

"Auburn's campus footprint provides a great practical case for micromobility," said Derek Stehlin, Spin's government relations manager. "We welcome the opportunity to partner with the University to bring safe, equitable and sustainable transportation solutions to the campus community"

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