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How to Choose a Small Means of Transportation?

How to Choose a Small Means of Transportation?

Small mobility tools have been accepted by more and more people in recent years. Whether it is the working class or the owner of a car, everyone needs a small mobility tool. "How to choose an electric scooter?", "How to choose a folding electric car?", "How to choose an electric bicycle?". Ordinary people have no concept of this kind of product, only to open the website first, search, and face all kinds of dazzling balance bikes, scooters, electric skateboards... Wheels have different sizes, battery life has length, weight has light and heavy, whether it is foldable and portable...

How to choose?

You know, the most important thing is to choose a transportation product that suits you. Then, it is crucial to understand the characteristics of different types of products accurately, clearly and in detail before purchasing. Smart mobility tools are all driven by electricity, usually controlled by accelerator, and by somatosensory control, but most of them are controlled by accelerator. There are three main categories that use accelerator control, electric bicycles, electric scooters and folding electric vehicles.

Electric bicycle

In fact, electric bicycles are a category developed to solve the characteristics of bicycles that require human pedaling. It basically retains the functions and appearance of bicycles in appearance, and adds batteries, motors and electronic control equipment on this basis. Initially divided into There are two types of power-assisted bicycles and electric bicycles, and most electric bicycle products on the market currently have both functions, so there is no clear boundary between them, we collectively call them electric bicycles.

Its biggest feature in riding is that it can reduce or completely replace human riding. The pure electric riding mode uses the electronically controlled accelerator to accelerate riding like ordinary electric vehicles. The power assist mode uses a torque sensor or a speed sensor instead of the traditional accelerator. The motor is installed on the bicycle pedal wheel motor) or installed on the wheel, the sensor senses the strength of the rider's stepping on the pedal under the condition of human pedaling, and sends different signals to the motor, so that the motor can provide different levels of assistance to reduce the pedaling strength. The feeling of riding is as if every time you step on it, someone will give you a push behind you, making it easy for you to ride.

The biggest advantage of electric bicycles is that you don't need to worry about battery life. If you run out of power, you can ride like a normal bicycle. With the same battery configuration, the battery life that a power-assisted bicycle (or power-assisted mode) can provide far exceeds that of a pure electric bicycle. In the travel mode, the wheels are generally more than 12 inches, and the passability is relatively good. However, one thing to note is that when there is no electricity, the magnetic steel structure of the motor itself has a certain resistance, so riding an electric bicycle without electricity is more laborious than ordinary bicycles.

microgo e-scooter

Electric Scooter

The development of electric scooters has a history of more than 100 years. The initial appearance was positioned between human-powered bicycles and cars. However, after years of technological development, its types have become more and more abundant. It can be very light or heavy. , it can also be fast, the battery life can also be high, and it can also have seats, so the difference between it and other small electric mobility tools is getting smaller and smaller.

Although e-scooters have been around for a long time, they have gradually been accepted by the public in recent years. People who buy scooters generally don't like ordinary bicycles, and don't like the bulkiness of electric motorcycles. They pursue a certain degree of portability and individuality. cultured crowd.

The control method of electric scooters is close to that of electric bicycles or folding electric vehicles (throttle acceleration), and it is better than electric bicycles and folding electric vehicles in terms of flexibility. Getting started is also relatively easy, as long as you know how to ride a bicycle, you can race as soon as you get on the car. The wheels of most electric scooters are under 10 inches, and most of the suspension systems are weak or not, and the chassis is relatively low, so most of them are only suitable for riding on flat ground.

microgo e-scooter

Electric Bike

This category can be divided into two development directions, one is a folding electric vehicle with folding as the core selling point, and the other is a micro electric vehicle with a simplified car body.

Folding Electric Bike

The initial benchmark category for the emergence of folding electric vehicles is ugly, big and heavy electric motorcycles. Therefore, its performance, comfort and safety are often the highest among small electric products, second only to traditional electric motorcycles. Therefore, such models They also tend to be quite heavy, making them the largest of all small EVs and the least portable of all portable EVs. In order to differentiate from electric motorcycles, appearance, sense of technology, and personalization are its characteristics, so we can see various folding electric motorcycles.

Micro electric vehicles

Micro electric vehicles are a new category that emerged in 2016. The purpose of its launch is to integrate the advantages of several categories of electric bicycles, electric scooters and folding electric vehicles.

It has the friendly appearance of a small bicycle, giving people a natural and easy-to-use feeling. It has the lightness of an electric scooter, generally around 12 kg, and girls can also carry it with one hand. In terms of tires, power and passability It also has the performance no less than a folding electric car. Therefore, it has become more popular in recent years, and its small and exquisite appearance has also attracted the favor of many young women.


First of all, there are different riding styles, some can sit while others have to stand, and some are highly entertaining. Second, there are also great differences in size, some can be placed in a car, and some can only be placed outdoors. Finally, there is a big difference in battery life, and customers need to choose a travel tool that suits them according to their needs. After reading these introductions, do you have a general understanding of different models? We hope to help more people choose among various transportation tools and find a transportation solution that suits them.

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